3weeks in… Full speed ahead!

We’ve had a tremendous start on the beta release! With almost 300 new registered users in less than 3 weeks it’s a new record high for us. We are getting close to 2500 registered players! A huge “Thank you!” to everyone who have been – and still are – playing! As you can see from this blog post, as well: keep coming back, because we are adding new content and functionality every week – and now even daily, with the new daily login rewards!

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To the newsmobile!

Updated website

To better showcase our game we have started redesigning our main website. This is not our current main focus or the final design, but as more people are wondering what the game is all about, we felt the need to move things around a little bit to better show off our unique and exciting features.

Lore book

Another big one – we released the in-game lore book! The lore book is where you can wallow yourself in knowledge about the DragonEvo universe. Our goal is to have weekly updates to the lore book for the first 6 months. This can be info about creatures, places, history and more. So go on… take a look

Game timer… a game changer

Another feature that was landed this week is the in-game countdown timer. All players now have 60 seconds to perform all actions during their turn, after which the turn automatically passes to the other player. We’ve decided to implement this in an “hour glass”-like fashion, not displaying exactly how many seconds you have left in your turn. Our play testing has shown that this element of pressure really changes the way turns play out, as well as improving the pacing of the game.

In addition to the turn timer, we also added a “total game time” timer. If no one wins within 25 minutes, the game ends with a draw and neither players get the special rewards for winning the game.

Other changes and features

We recently also added a friend finder, to let you find your friends who have joined. The friend finder is only the first baby step, though, and the next couple of weeks we will really focus on the competitive and multiplayer aspects of the game. You can read more about our “Community hub” plans in the next devlog!

Tougher quests

If you’ve felt that the adventures/quests were a little easy, you’re absolutely right, because they were missing a key part of the balancing – but now the scenario cards will be levelled up, and will feature a recommended level based on their difficulty. As everything else, this is also going to be tweaked. Among other things, we will improve the presentation such as making it easier to see the recommended level.

Daily login rewards and achievements

Daily login rewards are also back now, rewarding you when you log on for up to 7 days in a row. After 7 days, the rewards reset.

Tablet and iPad support – alpha app

We have started the work on the game webapp and are currently tweaking the last few tidbits to make the game playable on a tablet. This will allow you to soon open the game on your favourite tablet and play the game – and we are exploring ways to let you download the game as an app from your platform app store.


  • [NEW] Added potions/consumable inventory ingame
  • [NEW] Lore book
  • [NEW] Achievement system
  • [NEW] Window animations
  • [NEW] More sounds
  • [NEW] Seasonal game card backsides in market
  • [FIX] Several server de-sync issues
  • [FIX] Market filters now work again
  • [FIX] Upgrade hero button visible again
  • [FIX] Removed bug where you could bring in 2 heroes in a game due to deck builder bug
  • [FIX] self actions (such as foraging and looting) no longer consumer shield points
  • [FIX] Adaptorite is now updated on profile after an adventure
  • [TWEAK] Removed ability to heal hero with regular healing potions. New potions that lets you heal hero cards will be added later.
  • [BALANCING] Improved game rewards to allow for more rapid card progression