Beta Release

Yes! Finally there. The day has come. The egg has hatched! The end is nig….. ok, you get the point.

We’re finally ready to let everyone try the brand new Dragon Evo beta. Now it’s time for you to see what we’ve been working on for yourselves! It has been a long and exciting journey for us – rewriting almost the entire codebase, redesigning the entire user interface and adding tons of new features. It’s a new beginning for Dragon Evo – so even if you have tested our game in the past, we do hope you pop on back and test it out now – you don’t even have give us any feedback… just continue playing and have fun.

While we have worked very hard for the game to be an enjoyable and bug-free experience, please report any bugs you find to
We will be continously monitoring for feedback both in-game and on all our support channels, to make the beta experience as good as possible for everyone!

How do you plan to make money?

With all these updates, it’s obvious that keeping the game running is not free, so we would just like to tell you in bried how we plan to fund our costs. As you can already see in the beta we are adding several cosmetic item to buy, such as avatar and card backsides as well as new heroes. We are working hard to make sure that none of these items will provide any in-game advantages, to avoid any appearance of pay-to-win mechanics.

“So i can just buy 100 cards and crush everyone?” – Well, yes… and no. We want people to experience the variety of the Dragon Evo cards and universe – for some that involves playing the game a lot to collect all the different cards, but some don’t have the time or patience and will be able to buy card packs to expand their collection. However, even though you could theoretically buy 100 cards for real life money (instead of getting them by playing the game for free), these cards will still be entry level strength – to level up the cards and actually become stronger than your opponents you have to play the game. How so? Every game you play gives you Adaptorite (the level-up “currency”), and we’ve made extra Adaptorite available as adventure completion rewards for anyone able to finish adventures. To level up cards, you need to spend Adaptorite, meaning there is no way to actually level up cards without playing the game. The actual upgrade and level up costs are still subject to tweaking and changes, but the Adaptorite and in-game gold will never be sold for real money, it will ONLY be able to be aquired by playing the game.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve this mechanics, or if you see obvious issues with it, please let us know. Join our Discord or send us feedback directly and we’re all ears.