Devlog #10


No… not really. But with so many new features we don’t know where to begin!

Let’s begin wiiiiiiiith

Chat bubbles!

Bubbles! Bubbles! Everybody loves chat bubbles! Now your messages and taunts can be read by your opponent even when they don’t really want to. Speaking of taunts, you can now click on your opponents avatar and taunt them with a random taunt. When playing the AI, they might even reply if you try talking to them. No guarantees, though, and we’ve heard they are pretty rude.




The equipment functionality we mentioned in our last devlog is now live and active. In this release you are able to see the effect the equipped items have on your attack / defence in-game as well as read in your deck builder, and the equipped cards are now also visible on the game board.


Deck builder operational

In our very first release, we had the deck builder working to some degree, but after realising it would not work with the upcoming equipment cards without a rewrite, it has been disabled for a while, and only been used to display your starter deck. No more! The new deck builder is now “fully operational”(evil emperor voice mandatory), which means you can now start building and managing your own decks!

Equipment cards can be equipped to your creature cards in the deck builder, and using the right equipment cards on the right creature cards will make or break your deck – your game skills can finally come to good use!

This feature however will have it’s own video on our youtube channel as well as several others.

Winning cards!

After each game you may now be awarded a random card that you can use in the deck builder and add to your deck.


We are super excited to see how many of you online – but unfortunately most of our users log in and leave within a short period of time, so you hardly ever get to see eachother.


To try and break this cycle we’ve accelerated the implementation of a basic AI, available from the singleplayer training menu. If noone is around, mark yourself as available for games in the lobby and have a round against the AI while you wait! We are constantly improving the AI, so please give us feedback on this functionality if you try it out.

In addition to this we have also implemented a way to invite both online and offline users to a new game. If you’re not online, your opponents will get an email with a game link, so they can join you in-game.

In-game event log


WHAT HAPPENED?! Yes, we have all had that feeling – you turn your eyes away from the screen to grab a cup of warm chai tea and suddenly 3 of your cards are dead, your peasants have fled the board, one soldier is upside down and a third card is stunned, bleeding and almost out of health. What happened? Well, now you can see it in the in-game log in the bottom right side of the screen.

We will style it better and improve it, but for now it will tell you the last 10 events of the game. You will also find these events inline in the game chat.

Continue game

To help you get back into your ongoing games, we have made it so that if you log in and have active games you will be met with this window


Clicking on a game in that list will take you straight to the game chat where you can chose to continue the game. Easier than pie!


Some other tweaks have been made to the profile page – it now shows your current level as well as your selected race card, along with the number of games you have played. We will add more features and functionality to the profile page later (we have tons planned!) but for now you can at least keep score of your games and your hard earned xp


Card attack statuses

Sometimes a card may inflict stun on the opponent, or a bleeding wound. In previous versions this was a guessing game or guessable if the attack description hinted what it may do. But no more. From this version each card will show what effect they may inflict on their opponent.



So close, but we were unable to release it this time. But stay tuned.


The way forward

The next weeks will be used to stabilize the deck builder along with market balancing and equipment card + creature card balancing. We will also release the long awaited Market for you to buy new decks and cards. After this we will start working on the Single Player mode as well as the integration with your profile. We have a dedicated story writer writing quests and stories, but we are still working out the details on how to best put them in the game.

See you in-game!

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