Devlog #17 – “Alpha to Beta”

As we are focusing super hard on bringing DragonEvo from Alpha state and into Beta – adding all the features we want to have in the game on version 1.0 – this is still an “in-progress” devlog. All the games and feedback from everyone playing is being fed straight back to the team to improve and tweak everything and anything that needs tweaking! Of course this doesn’t mean once we hit 1.0 we are finished adding features, but at least then we will have everything in place for you to enjoy the full DragonEvo game experience.

While we are working on completing the beta version, we will not be pushing updates to the current version of the game, instead keeping it as a “stable alpha”. This lets you continue to play without any game breaking bugs, and the balance so far is pretty decent.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress through our weekly(ish) devlogs.


Those of you who have played the latest version of DragonEvo, have probably noticed our changes to the in-game information display, with a new in-game top menu sporting a wooden feel. We got immediate feedback that the look and feel wasn’t super optimal, and that the “style” of the game had changed – rest assured this was just a test. We needed to playtest the layout for bigger things to come – and to see how the bits and pieces fit together before investing time, money, precious development time and a lot of coffee to create an entire new UI.

Even though the look and feel was temporary, we are currently revamping the entire menu and UI. The goal is to give you a complete and fresh look for the entire game (which still keeps our vision of style) as well as a completely revamped navigation.

We will show more of this new UI as we progress and add more parts to it, but in the meantime, here is a little sneak peak of the UI.


Some of you might notice the new “gems” icon – this is not a special in-game currency or any of the sorts as you may know from other games. We will tell you more about this special resource in the future, but don’t worry: this is not a “pay for” resource. It is different from gold in the way it works and behaves, but it has nothing to do with in-app purchases. We’re really excited to tell you more about it, but until then we’re gonna have to keep that under wraps.

Next devlog

Obviously, there is so much more to add, and we will talk about the new features once we are ready. Our plan is to release everything as soon as we are confident that you will enjoy it as much as we do. Here is a small list of some of the features we are working on and will talk about in the next few devlogs.

  • Major feature: Stories and quests
  • New chat and friends features
  • Buying and selling cards on the marketplace
  • Hero cards
  • Adaptorite