Devlog #3

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another weekly development update. The focus this week has been two-fold: getting the game into a state where we can start inviting early alpha tester to join in our playtesting, plus adding initial support for playing the game on mobile devices.

Character creator

One part of the RPG elements in Dragon Evo is your own character. We added a simple character introduction wizard, so you can create your character and set a couple of basic traits. Expect this wizard to change, but for now this is the minimum needed to get your profile initialized.


More game table backgrounds

As the card battles are supposed to take places in various locations all over the Dragon Evo world, we’ve added more board textures to the game board. This brings the total of different board textures up to 7, including the original table texture.


New effect: Stun

Last week we started implementing support for effects, and the first effect to be added is “stun”. A stunned card cannot move or perform actions, and the stun effect can vary from 1 to several turns. When a card is stunned, an effect sticker is added to the card showing you the duration of the stun effect. This effect sticker is removed when the card is no longer stunned. The stun effect can apply to opponent cards as a result of an action, but is usually applied to your own cards.


New effect: Bleed

The second effect to be introduced is “bleed”. Some actions will cause a card to start bleeding, meaning it will take damage on subsequent turns. The bleed effect is also shown as an effect sticker, showing the amount of damage the card will take in the next turn and the duration of the effect. The bleed effect will only apply to opponent cards.


New action property: “Attacks all cards”

We already had support for attacking “All cards on the same row”, “The card behind” and “Adjacent cards”. This week we added the property “Attacks all cards” for extra powerful attacks. Only a select few actions have this property set, and they will cost alot.

Mobile version

We’re developing a game that is supposed to run on *all* platforms, especially mobile. We have some awesome ideas for playing the game on mobile devices, but in addition to this, we want the game to be played in full on a mobile device, almost as you would on desktop.

This week we have taken one step in that direction by making the base game available on mobile browsers. We will be making changes to the mobile gameplay, but for now you can play the game on your mobile browser or in your desktop browser however you choose. All effects are available in the mobile version, of course, so you won’t miss anything.


Game screen changes

We have updated the in-game avatar containers, so they are a bit more stylized. We will have to re-cut most of the avatars to fit the new avatar containers better, but these are likely to be the final avatar containers.


Gameplay effects

A silent and static game is a boring game. We added several effects to liven up the gameplay:

  • Cards now shake if they are clicked when inactive. This provides immediate feedback on what can be done in the current situation. We also added a separate animation when clicking stunned cards so you see that it is stunned.
  • Health reduction and health increase is now animated with a +/- health bit flying off or onto the HP.
  • The start-of-turn “replenishments” (regenerated health, gold increase) has also seen some added animations and sound effects so you can easier see what’s been added.
  • More sound effects were added for attack, damage, gold, and health; “Your turn”, and “Game over” / “Win”.
  • Effect animations (when an effect sticker is added to a card) have been added.
  • Hover feedback: when you hover your mouse over a card on the table it will provide visual feedback on which cards it may attack, or the gold pile for “Forage” or “Trade” actions.

Card changes

But wait, there is more! All low level starter cards are now ready for play testing and we have moved on to a new card set this week. This will give you more cards to play with in the pre-alpha version. We are also working on a updated layout to show you the card level as well. Here is a mockup, showing how we envision the card level can be shown.


Gameplay video

As promised, here is a pre alpha gameplay video of the game. Youtube


  • New updated in-game avatar containers
  • More board textures
  • New profile page
  • Effect stickers
  • Stun effect
  • Bleed effect
  • Added new cards for the starter pack
  • End game banner with XP and gold increase
  • Card penalty rounds
  • Music mute button
  • Fullscreen button