Devlog #4 – 2016

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to another weekly development update. Early Access! Woops, that slipped out early. Anyways, read on!

Focus this week has been stability, balancing, rebalancing, bug fixing, polishing and rebalancing again.

Early Access! It’s hard to keep it inside.

We are going online tonight, Monday 4th, and we really hope to see you online.

The Early Access is open for anyone – create an account at
If you find any issues, please fire off an email as soon as you can to

Profile page

During Early access you cannot buy new cards, but every Hero will reset once a week (Sunday night) to allow us to perform rebalancing, and let you try out different factions. Keep in mind that the starting deck card properties are not fixed – the number of cards and type of cards are fixed, but the cards you are handed will be unique every time. So if you are not happy with your deck, wait until we reset your profile hero.

Ramp it up to 11

A big part in the balancing is the deck size. This along with damage and attack cost has a great influence on the game length, and so this week we have experimented with several deck sizes to give  you a good and not tedious game.

Previously the deck size was set to 8, but our playtesting revealed this was too low. Doing a complete rebalancing of the cards not only reduced game time, but also allowed us to increase the deck size to 11.

Game Guide

We have updated our game guide with the latest images and rules. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this will help you get started. Check it out here

Gameplay effects

Some minor effect change this week:

  • Attacking all and adjacent now only shows 1 main animation
  • Flip/placement sound for cards have been added as well


  • Attack spread fix
  • Flip sound when placing cards
  • New updated profile page
  • Rewritten card dealing code
  • Layout improvements in lobby game list
  • Added “Online players” list in lobby
  • Card & Action rebalancing
  • Starter pack size and composition
  • Removed repeating sound for health regeneration

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