Devlog #5 – 2016

Welcome to this first devlog after our early access launch!

Early access

And what a launch! We were thrilled to release Dragon Evo into Early Access. The first 7 days saw 14 new early tester as well as some previous testers. In total we’ve had about 30 users testing Dragon Evo this week. We are very grateful for everyone who have participated so far, and hope you will continue to log in.

New server

We quickly identified some sluggishness in our server solution after the EA launch, and decided to migrate to a different server which would let more users test without experiencing lag and slowness. The new server is up and running and testing is silky smooth again.

New functions

We have added a simpler way for players to surrender and/or return to the lobby. From within the game window, click the “Menu” button in the top of your screen to either abandon the game or go to the lobby while you wait for your opponent.

We are also working on some extra features for you to be able to invite offline users by selecting them and inviting them to a new game. This will send them an invitation and you can play together. It’s not quite ready yet, but we’ll launch it as soon as it is.

That update will also include functionality so that if you start a new game with someone who goes offline – or it becomes your turn while you are offline – the game will notify you or your opponent by email.


Decks were reset during the weekend (as part of our EA weekly deck reset). This gives you the opportunity to select a new faction and/or be dealt a completely new deck in your current faction.

Mobile version

Dragon Evo is available to every device running a modern browser. Our initial mobile release is having some issues on iOS devices (webkit browsers) that stops it from navigating further than the first screen. We will be fixing this soon, but in the meantime you can play Dragon Evo using any android device.

Game guide

We are continuously working on the game guide, and we encourage you to help out with any parts of it you feel could use with an update. We’ve even brought on board a new team member to focus on the game guide.

See you in-game!