Devlog #7

Vacation time has been good to us. Not only have we been sipping piña coladas on sunny beaches and worked hard on our tan*, we also made some priority changes for Dragon Evo.

* There may or may not have been piña coladas involved. Noone remembers for sure.


This weekly devlog is brought to you by Skynet (if Skynet exists in an alternate dragon-inhibited universe, and goes by the name of “Peter” or “Jessica”)!
The end of the world as we know it… well at least a basic AI. The AI is an opponent that you can choose to play against for training matches, if noone is around to play right now, or you get bored with humans.

This basic AI also serves as the starting foundation for our single player modes (quest, training, story, etc), and will get better with time. For now, expect mildly dumb opposition and stunning, unexpected moves.


Defeating the AI gives you the same rewards in multiplayer as a PVP match and allows everyone to play the game and improve their skill without having to wait for other players or deal with those pesky humans.

Test your skills against the AI under “Singleplayer” -> “Training”.

Login rewards

We are also implementing daily rewards/login rewards.

When logging in you will be presented with a login reward screen for each subsequent day you login. The reward will be a random low or normal type world card, added to your deck. Keep in mind that during Early Access, these cards reset as part of the weekly reset.

As soon as the gameplay foundation is laid and the functionality is present, this reward system will also deal out consumable cards (such as healing potions) and item cards to improve your decks.

This feature is not complete yet, but we’re planning to roll it out either during this week or as part of the next devlog / weekly update.

Better and more visible events


Sometimes it’s hard to see what exactly went down in a match. “Why do I suddenly only have three cards when I’m sure I had six?” (totally not something I said during an AI match yesterday).

With the introduction of an AI, getting a good overview of the past events becomes even more important. In all matches, you now have a little event log in the lower right corner that gets updated for important events such as attacks, damage and player turns. We’ll improve this further, but the basic functionality is present.

In addition to this, we’ve also added each event to the game chat. This provides some much needed context to @thondal’s “GOTCHA!” outbursts, should you ever be so lucky to play him.

Lore and description

Dragon Evo is more than just a simple card game – it’s a world filled with fantastic creatures and rich history. We want to immerse you further into this universe and to do so you need to learn about the inhabitants of this strange world.

This version includes a description for each card (find it in “My cards & decks”) and we will build on this lore feature so that you can learn everything about Dragon Evo.


Thank you so much for playing and reporting!