Devlog # 8 – Equipment and stuff


One of Dragon Evos biggest strengths has always been its way of mixing traditional TCG battles with well-known elements from RPGs and MMOs. We’re glad to finally be able to reveal another game element in this hybrid – equipment cards!

Equipment cards are item cards from a wide range of types such as the familiar “Wooden training sword”, “Broken leather armour” to ammunition for your archers like “Jagged arrows” or “Spiked knuckles” for your villagers. These equipment cards have basic enhancements properties – examples include “+1 melee DMP” giving you increased defence for your melee units, “-2 melee AP, +1 DMP” for your combat armour, and more.

We have updated all starter decks, so they are equipped with certain items from our equipment pool. So how does this work in practice? Glad you asked!

Here’s an example of a select few item cards. Hopefully the description gives you a good idea of how this will further enhance and contribute to an already rich gameplay!

Wooden buckler

item3 (1)

This equipment card adds 5 HP damage for cards with melee attacks (this particular card only applies to the main attack and not recurring, bleed, adjacent or lane damage). Only melee units may equip this item. In addition, this gives you +7 DMP for cards with melee attacks. Naturally, this would be either an extremely expensive item, or we’ll tweak it. 7 DMP. Imagine that.

Wooden training sword


An equipment cards that – when equipped – gives your melee units +3 HP damage – this may give you just that tiny little advantage in a close game.

Thin broken leather armor

item1 (1)

Last example on this list is the “Thin broken leather armour” equipment card. This armor item card shows 2 different DMP icons – a ranged DMP icon and a melee DMP icon. This means this item card will give different properties depending on the type of card you equip with it – equip a ranged unit card with this item and it will get an additional 5 DMP, or an additional 5 DMP when equipped by a melee unit.

The deck builder and in-game cards will now show the combined value – a card with 0 DMP equipped with a +1 DMP item card will show 1 DMP in-game and in the deck builder, but no DMP when displayed outside a game. Keep in mind that you can create a wide variety of card combinations with the built-in deck editor, as soon as this is launched. This lets you create highly specialized decks for specific types of battles. We can’t wait to see what you are able to do with this exciting addition!

Profile page and profile cards

Now, for a small change you are able to see right away: In the lobby you can now click on any online user to see their profile and basic information. If the user is not away you can also challenge them to a game directly from this popup.


This same information will also soon be available in your profile page under “profile & cards”. This page will also show other things like single- and multiplayer ranking, gold, Wins / losses, XP and more, but it currently looks like this:

profile1 (1)

Training mode

We recently introduced single player training mode, and we have made a short introduction video to this game mode. In addition to showing off the single player training mode it also gives you a basic introduction to the most common gameplay elements such as placing cards, attack types and more.

This video is the first in a series of “how to play” collection which will help you get started playing Dragon Evo.

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