Midweek Update #4

Another week, another midweek update!

UI changes and under the hood

Last week we added some cards to the market as well as a few gameplay tweaks. Currently we are working on some small interface changes and the CP feature, as well as adding more content in various parts of the game. Read on to learn more about the changes (*cough* profilepage *cough*)

We have surpassed 800 registered users! Well progressing to 1k!

Last week we also mentioned the Single Player campaign. As soon as this goes into development, expect us to be a bit short on the feature development for a few weeks to get the meat of the SP campaign up and running – but! we will still be online and playing with all of you guys!

If you want to be part of the SP campaign test group, please let us know!

Menu changes, AI battles and deck selector

To play against the AI in the current build, you need to go out of the lobby, find the single player menu, then do a training battle (training will currently also not help you get new cards, xp or gold).

To help you get up and running faster, we’re making some changes to the game menu structure. The current “Play” menu will change from “Singleplayer” and “Multiplayer” to

Story mode

This will make it easier for everyone to find an opponent – AI or otherwise, as well as more accurately present the upcoming SP storyline and adventures .

The “Versus” section will take you to the lobby where you can be matched up against another player of your rank/level etc, or against an AI if noone is around to play. Regardless of whether you play versus the AI or a human opponent, you will still earn both XP and gold.

“Story mode” will present the upcoming story battles in a map and quest view, and “Adventures” will let you take on individual adventures (quests) – some that you have unlocked during the story, and some that become available to you as you level up. Expect the story mode chapters to be released bit by bit during the alpha and beta period, but please do let us know what you think as they are released.

Deck selector

Heading into a game and selecting your preferred deck, you will soon see an improved deck selector. The deck selector will give you more information about the different decks – number of cards in your deck, combat power, faction, etc. We will add more features to this view later on.

Friends (and foes)

If you find someone you like to play with, you can now add them as your friends. Friends will show up in your friends list whether they are online or offline, which lets you challenge friends and users who have been offline for a while.

We will also add a way to directly invite friends to play with you, even if they haven’t registered yet!

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