Weekly development update – #2

Hola, everyone, it’s Daniel again!

So, I guess you’re pretty excited about the weekly development update? Sure you are!

This last week-and-a-half we’ve spent mostly getting the beta ready to ship – and actually launch it. For the beta, we’ve moved on from the cheap web-host solution and are instead using a dedicated VPS to host the game. Getting it up and running and in shape was an interesting exercise which as taken up quite some time. But! With the new VPS fully operational we can now do a lot more than we could before, and the game runs both faster and with less hiccups than before.

Simen (thondal) has spent much of his time awake balancing cards and attacks as well as preparing new cards that goes into the different storylines and adventure modes. We currently have a good 25 cards in a working state, and some of them have variations – such as the Mirlack Wolf and the Mirlack Alpha. Getting working gameplay stories and tying this into the storyline of the game world is a large task – and there’s still work to do – but you can already play through the first chapter of each of the factions’ stories.

Ranking has been put in place, so you can already compare your own achievements with those of your friends. We’re keeping two different rankings – one for singleplayer and one for multiplayer – so you can climb the MP ranking ladder and let the loners play the campaigns, if that pleases your fancy. Keep in mind, though, that playing through the adventures is a good way of earning gold and XP, which will improve your cards and character.

Feedback from the beta has been quite good, and currently we’re working on the content for the weekend patch. More unified styling and a couple of features such as the leaderboard are all ready to be included in the weekend release!

Looking forward to seeing more of you online and playing the game!