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System requirements

Modern Browser *

Screen size of 15 is recommended **

*Latest version of modern browsers such as Firefox or Chrome should always work, and if you experience any issues with these browsers please contact us.

** Although we try to make the game to work on all platforms, we have a limited time testing out every screen resolution and monitor size.

A typical issue is with smaller pc screen size where for example the player uses a laptop with a 13″ screen and a resolution of 1920×1080, the result may be that the GUI is blocking main parts of the gameboard, in makes the game quite unplayable.

A simple way to resolve this is to hold down Ctrl and click – (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘ and – (Mac) a few times. Normally a zoom out to 67%. (use same ctrl or ⌘ and the + to zoom in again) will resolve the issue.

See https://dragonevotcg.freshdesk.com/support/home for more troubleshooting

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Will I ever loose my cards?

We will never reset or remove any of your cards, but the game is continually balancing and changes to your cards attributes will occur.

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Will I be able to play and chat with friends?

Yes, you can add friends to you friend list, either from the chat or while playing with them. And you will be able to chat in the lobby, and even form a clan. Ingame you be able to use taunts and customizable greetings.

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Free to play forever

The game will always be free to play. We are adding several cosmetic item to buy, such as avatar and card backsides etc. We pride ourselves in that we have no pay to win mechanics and never will have. All cards can be bought by players for in-game currencies, and these currencies can only be acquired by playing the game. Although this reduces our monetization opportunities and may turn off some players, we feel we are striking a good balance between responsible gaming and providing an awesome game experience.

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When will the game be released?

Although several expansions are planned the game is no longer in beta.
Release dates:

  • 1.0 – Frozen Fish – Released February 1st 2020

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What are the main RPG elements in DragonEvo TCG

The major RPG elements will allow you to upgrade cards and attacks, equip & train abilities and combine cards for more powerful effects. You can also create a hero card, level up your hero and gain abilities throughout the game.

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What platform is DragonEvo available on?

DragonEvo TCG is a pure browser based game and is played best in a full view modern browser.

It currently is available on your phone by going to play.dragonevo.net on your phone, but this has not been officially released and is still very early preview for phones. It is planned to be available to play on your phone via app and play store later this year.

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What is DragonEvo TCG

Combining gameplay elements traditionally found only in RPGs, DragonEvo:TCG lets you create decks with equipment, upgrade your cards and set up your decks for strategic plays.

The game is set in the Dragon Evo fantasy universe, where you must choose one of the rivaling factions on the continent of Erendor. Choose your path wisely – bring peace and balance to the land or complete domination.

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How many Factions are there in Dragon Evo:TCG?

There are 3 main factions battling for power – these are The Hologev, The Rutai Empire and The Highwinds. For more information on the factions and their history, see the Game Guide

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