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RPG & TCG combined!

This is not a game of luck but the art of strategy

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trategic and challenging battles. Balance your cards with equipment that will change the course of the battle, and take care when placing your cards.Fast thinking, mighty creature and powerful equipment all has its place. It’s up to you!


ith many features found in traditional MMO’s, Dragon Evo: The Card Game lets you build powerful decks by recruiting members from an array of resources. Level up your cards, abilities, and attack options.Augment your deck with resources and special minerals to become a formidable adversary capable of crushing your opponent with each turn.


his is not a game where luck and the roll of the dice will determine who wins and loses. Polish your tactics and time your attacks wisely.

An immersive campaign

An immersive campaign

Enjoy your own story and fate in our rich storytelling campaign and adventures
Equip and upgrade

Equip and upgrade

Level up your cards & Hero. Change your skills with skillbooks, or choose to equip your cards with more than 50 different equipment
Strategy first

Strategy first

Experience the fun and thrill of crushing your oppontent during an intense fight.

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