Onward & upward

Phew… what a week it has been for us. We received a ton of useful feedback from you after our initial release and we have been working like a Faewryn on the docks of Tarankota to patch up game breaking issues while also polishing a few doorknobs here and there.

Before moving on and telling you what’s next we would like to say – from the bottom of our hearts: a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who tried DragonEvo and who gave us such valuable feedback, or “just” played the game and enjoyed it. Some of you even played all our scenarios to an end within a day after signing up!

If you feel like supporting us with a cup of coffee, please consider signing up for our patreon buying items in-game or simply tell your friends ❤️


Many of you felt that the more advanced rules of DragonEvo were not explained well enough in the beginner “tutorial.” Our next update will therefore include a multi-part tutorial series for you to play through. Don’t fear – it’s both skippable and replayable. This will help new players and also allow us to teach you new mechanics as we introduce them to the game.

Mobile preview:

Are you one of the lucky few to own a handheld mobile device, otherwise known as a “phone”?
You can play the game in its entirety on it! Open https://play.dragonevo.net on your mobile browser and jump straight back in!

Currently, Android users will experience a less jagged game, but it works and plays well on most devices! Don’t forget to unlock those packs 😏😁

If you want to install it, use the “Add to home screen” functionality in your mobile browser and you’re all set.

We still consider the mobile version an early release, but you can play full games, adventures and unlock card packs already – and best of all challenge other players on any platform! We are continuously improving the mobile game, so keep checking back 😉

What’s next after this update?

In addition to polishing the current features and ensuring that adventures are updated and added, we also have a LOT of exciting updates planned. We always want to hear back from you, though, so if you have any ideas or feedback in general, don’t hesitate letting us know.

Currently planned features for the next release:

  • Enemy card preview
  • More action cards
  • Updated clans (Perks and more)

Again thanks for all the support and keep playing and sharing the game with your friends!