Upcoming changes

Hi everyone. It’s been silent from our part as the Refactoring/moving all the code over to Vue is taking a bit longer than anticipated due to everything else in life happening.
Yes, we know, there are some bugs in DragonEvo currently, but the new patch will fix a lot of these.
The patch is still in the making as we are updating the underlying framework of the game. But here are some of the things that will change in the next patch and weeks after:

New Attack back system – When a card is attacked, it will automatically “attack back” using the card’s main action.

New redone adventures – Adventures will in the new version challenge the player much more and hopefully be more fun (will be continuously improved based on player feedback)

Better loading times – Before it took ages. We’ve fixed it in the upcoming version and everything should work much more smoothly

Balancing changes – with the help of an external resource we will be implementing a new system for balancing cards. This will make the different factions play better on their strengths and weaknesses.

Powered up deck builder – we’re implementing several changes to the deck builder based on player feedback, making it easier to find cards, add cards, and tweak those special setups for maximum deck power

Rewards – You will be rewarded for playing the game more often

Market – We’re transforming the way the market works by adding a player-controlled marketplace. Sell your best cards (or just your trash cards) on the market to boost your gold. We’re also making it a lot simpler to grow your collection with a variety of different cards.

Acquiring cards – You will receive cards in many more parts of the game, no longer relying on having to purchase cards on the market to grow your deck

We currently have no ETA on this new patch but in the next blog update we hope to show you some screenshots of the upcoming patch. But meanwhile join us on discord to discuss these changes: https://discord.gg/mZP4e9V