February update

With Frozen Fish having been out for a few weeks now and tons of awesome feedback coming in, we’re hard at work improving the “first player” experience and polishing up the current features. We also have a lot of cool things to show you in future updates, but we want to make sure the game is welcoming and helps you get started before adding more.

This month’s release fixes a bunch of issues reported by you and improves upon some visual elements that have been brought up by several players.

Card changes

A key detail that hasn’t been super visible yet is the fact that many cards are variants over a base card. Each card in DragonEvo have up to three different action variants, sharing the same artwork and some base properties. In addition to this, some cards are just a “stronger” version of the same unit, which also shares the same (or similar) artwork. To help you see which base card your card is, you will now see the card name as well as the action name on all cards.

Along with this change more than 20 actions have been modified, and some have been partially renamed. Each faction’s gold-producing cards have had most of their actions tweaked to focus on their economic abilities, which should dramatically improve the base game balance.

One of our favorite changes is subtle but adds a lot of identity – the card health icon is now showing the faction crest instead of a heart icon. This makes it even easier to see which faction each card belongs to.

Card keywords

When we introduced more cards and more features, we realized it became very hard to find out exactly what each card’s special ability was. This update introduces a much better keyword description, and we think it looks lovely:

Balancing changes

After a thorough review of the overall game balance, several cards have been updated with a new in-game upkeep cost. We will keep working on the balancing in future updates, too.

As mentioned earlier, we made some minor changes to some of the actions for all Peasants/Villagers/Town people cards to highlight their economic abilities. All these cards can now – in addition to generating gold – also perform one of these actions:

  • Trade gold for action points
  • Stun an enemy card
  • Trade action points for gold
  • Steal gold from the opponent

Adventure updates

We have been working hard on updating all adventure scenarios. There are now a bunch of different and more varied adventures, introducing new cards, chaining difficulty and demanding wildly different approaches to how you beat them.

If you want to see some of the cool new features in action, check out one of these adventures:

  • Coastal Patrol – New AI cards: “Giant Crab”, “Naga queen”, “crab lair” & “Chest”.
  • Wealth redistribution – (Previously “from the richer to the poor”) New AI cards: “Guard tower”, “Castle wall” & “Rutai barracks”

As always, it’s very exciting to see you all playing the game. Feel free to join us on Discord or send feedback our way in-game if you have comments, ideas or just want to talk card games!

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where spawned card did not check to see if another card occupied it’s intended slot, making some cards spawn on top of others.
  • Better display of damage when attacked
  • New card DMP display
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading a hero purchased from the market could cause a disconnect
  • Improved AI skills and general intelligence level
  • fixed stun not being applied correctly
  • fixed a card bug in adventuremode

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