Patch Notes: March Update

Dev’s corner

As stated in our last patch note we have made some changes in the game server, and now these changes have been deployed. We have exciting new features that has been requested for a long time, and we have also more that will surface in the upcoming months.

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Changes, improvements, animation and more

To up the quality of the game we have made several changes on the animations and added a couple of new requested features. It is quite a bit, so we just made a list:

  • NEW! The game now actually ends when you or your opponent hero dies, no clicking of “end game/end turn”
  • New view for fullview card to allow more details
  • New Banter options – Don’t like your opponent? Tell him using our predefined insults!
  • New animations on hover
  • New animations on die
  • New placement animations
  • New hover over event list to see details
  • New animations on opponent card actions
  • New animations on flip cards
  • New: You can now click your own and your opponents cards to get a full view and detailed information
  • You can now view own card while stunned or after use
  • Tweaked Card styles
  • Balanced the bleed to be reduced by 1 each turn

Well… that was a quite a bit. Enjoy the new features and as always, keep sending us feedback… oh, almost forgot this month’s bug fixes:

Bug fixes

  • Register end turn timer for first round
  • Fixed effects not applied to all valid cards, validate effects after replenish to avoid “0 rounds” stun
  • Fixed spread attack events not applied properly
  • Fixed large card gpt icon