Patch Notes: May update

In this update we have been working on some visual improvements, both in animations and extra functionalites.

The last two months we have been working on adding more playable cards with new functionality but also it fair share of bugs and glitches.

April-May will bring with it 10 new cards and we will work on continue to balance and updated them based on player feedback and playtesting.

As always, you can chat with us on Discord

Animations & Visual changes

Following animations have been added.

View opponents cards
View own card while stunned or after use
weak card styles
Added new view for fullview card to allow more details

New cards

Creature card: Well of refreshment
Creature card: Pedestal of faith – World
Creature card: Archer tower – Hologev
Creature Card: Supply Wagon – Rutai
Creature Card: Fireworks – Highwind

Item Card: Bandage
Item Card: Liquid Courage

Equipment Card: Smithy hammer
Equipment Card: Coin purse of blood
Equipment Card: Silver Arrows


  • Balanced Thin broken leather armour – + 1dmp
  • Balanced all daily login rewards – increased rewards (gold & items)
  • Increased cost of peasant leather gloves
  • Decreased penalty & decreased DMp for peasant leather gloves
  • Reduced cost of Training arrows
  • Added ranged attack increase on Training arrows
  • Increased penaly on Training arrows
  • Balanced cost, damage and penalty on Training bow
  • Increased cost of Peasant training sword
  • Decreased cost and damage on rusty dagger
  • Increased cost and decreased damage on woodcutter axe
  • Increased GPT impact for Coin purse of blood
  • Increased cost of smithy hammer card
  • Cooling oinment removed from all adventures. Replaced with bandages
  • Woodcutter axe removed from “hunt the hunter” adventure & replaced with rusty dagger
  • Smithy hammer removed from Scout adventure and replaced with training sword
  • Ice melter and cooling oinment in Sand in your shoes adventure replaced with bandage and stoneskin
  • Increased Adaptorite reward for Devil from the deep adventure
  • Wind stopper reward removed from “seashell” adventure, replaced with bandage
  • Dragon Talon removed from “foothold” adventure
  • Sky high adventure rewards updated with “lucky coin” & “pedestal of faith” card