Summer update

Summer is here and so is our time to charge our batteries. This means that between June and August only minor balancing updates will be deployed and/or game breaking bug fixes.

What’s next after the summer? Read on to find out.

As always, you can chat with us on Discord

Visual improvements & new website

In the previous update we introduced several new animations. These animations will be continued upon and polished for a better experience. We are working on adding more visual effects when placing and attacking.

We will also introduce keywords and and better readability on the cards in our next major patch after the summer.

Also will become the frontfacing webpage, check it out here

Blitz mode!

Sometimes you just want to jump in and play for a couple of minutes and then get back to your everyday life. Well, we got you covered. After the summer we will introduce Blitz mode which will let you play a quick match using only 8* cards preplaced on the board for a quicker gamestart. Each round will be shorter and the maximum gametime will be limited to 8* minutes. More on this gamemode once it’s ready.

*numbers may change

Single player campaign

After the summer we will start working on implementing the single player campaign and we will start showing you some initial screenshots during the progress.

Hourly rewards

We will start rewarding players who stays logged in and keeps on playing by introducing a hourly reward which you can cash in every x hours. More on this after the summer

Balancing & Bug fixes June&july

  • A quickfix to resolve extremly long loading times has been deployed. (will recieve a full patch to resolve completly after summer.
  • Taunts and insults should now work a bit better and not throw a console error (will recieve a full patch later)
  • Chat window minimized
  • In-game chat disabled
  • Added explanatory icons for cards, gold and adaptorite in daily rewards pop up
  • updated card images on several cards
  • Overflow on action points should no longer happen
  • Deal breaker should no longer overgo the Action points limit